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Autoimmune | Edling Chiropractic


It’s done!

I’ve never been the most handy guy.  Fixing things around the house, putting toys together, painting, carpentry work, oil changes, and most guy kind of stuff I hire out.  Thank God for people that are skilled in doing the things I don’t like or aren’t skilled in.

The past 4 weeks I’ve been on a crusade for getting the outside of the house fixed up.  It started with taking the fence down around the pool.  Once that came down I knew we neeeded the major overhaul for landscaping since it looked really bad.  18 years and we haven’t done a thing.  Talk about neglect and no maintence!

Things opening up.

Once the fence came down it was non stop cutting and pulling everything in sight.  I’ve got a 15 foot high pile of brush to prove it.  We hired Tom Lemire to do the landscaping and he and his crew did a fantastic job.  I never realized what 10 minutes of his bobcat could do would take me a weekend to do.  We moved the steps from the porch to open up the patio area and it looks 1000% better.

The thing I’m committed to do now is to keep up with weekly little maintence so It will always look good and I figure this is probably the last big project we will ever do at our house.   I’m always preaching about prevention and doing the little things all day for your mind and body so you won’t need a big overhaul down the road someday.  Now it’s time to do that with the inside and outside of our house.

Anyone have big plans for the 4th?  I love fireworks and celebrating our freedom.  I remember  the 1976 Bicentennial celebration.  That was so cool.  We are a young nation of 238 years and there is no where better to be then the good old USA.  The opportunities this nation has are phenomenol.  It’s what you make of it that counts.

I’ve been working with a lot of chronic conditions like peripheral neuropathy, auto-immune conditions, and many more neurodegenerative cases.  While these can be challenging cases most do quite well.  Changing the diet is the most difficult for some but the one’s that do note a huge improvement in overall health and well being.  Removing inflammatory foods like gluten a

Steps now facing the west.

nd dairy can really help people calm their immune system while healing the gut and making life a lot more enjoyable.  If you or a loved one has some form of chronic problem and are not getting help then let me know, maybe I’ll be able to help them in some way or form.  It’s fun seeing sick people get better and be able to have a more enjoyable life.   If you can’t do the things you want to do in life then just pick up the phone and call me.

Make this week an incredible week, have a fantastic 4th.  We will be open through thursday and off friday the 4th.

Do you remember your prom?

It was a crazy busy weekend here in “O” town.  It was the junior-senior prom so we were busy getting the last minute details ready for Riley our son.

His date Maddie Ringlin looked spectacular.  Here is a pic of the two below.

Riley and Maddie

We had some other parents over for a little party while the kids were off having prom on the river boat in Stillwater.

Everyone brought pics of their prom.  OMG was that funny.  The outfits, hairdo’s, and just how different we looked back then until now is amazing.  It sure was fantastic how they put on the prom compared to how they did it when we were in school 35 years ago.  What a nice touch they had at the grand march where they introduce all the kids.  And the dressess and tuxes looked fantastic.  So much fun for not only the kids but the parents also.

Now that prom is done graduation is less than 3 weeks away.  I don’t have to worry about that this year but next year I will.  I know that’s a lot of work for the parents so I don’t envy them that.

Hey, just a little heads up we will be closed Wednesday afternoon, all day htursday and friday.  Mary and I are flying out to Bozeman where Connor attends Montana State University.  We are picking him up and then renting a surburban and driving him home.  He will be done with finals on thursday.  Boy was that a quick first year.

I’m doing a workshop tonight on weight loss.  We have great success with that at our clinic.  6:30 pm here.  Just email me if you want in.

Losing weight is a matter of getting your cells working right.  Many things can cause it not to work well.  Some of the deal breakers are

1.  Poor blood sugar regulation.  This is number one for a good brain and body.

2.  Auto-immune problems.  These can be very tricky since it’s your immune system which is attacking tissue.  Ypu have to addresss the immune system, not just the organ or area that is affected.

3.  Anemia issues.  If you are anemic you will not have any energy.

4. G.I./liver.  If you have poor gut fucntion and a toxic liver they need to be working right.

5.  Fatty lipid dysfunction.  Cell membrane permeability is crucial to get toxins out and nutrients in.

Those are just a few major ones.  You have to fix all your systems.  I run a comprehensive 85 panel blood work up to see where you are at.  This really helps assess your body and what it is deficient in.  I can then customize a plan that will help assist you in getting you healthier.  Once you get healthy the weight comes off.

OK, that’s it, hopefully weather will be better in Montana!!  Going to do some running in the mountains.

Crawl, Walk, Then Run.

When it comes to any kind of chronic health issue you have to give your self time to heal.

One of the biggest things you can do to start the healing process is to go Gluten, Dairy, and Soy free.  That’s because they are inflammatory foods.  It’s kind of like putting fuel on the fire.  Doesn’t make sense.

Sugar is another huge inflammatory food.  Sugar is in just about everything.  A paleo type of diet is the best way to go.  I’ts how our ancestors years ago ate.

Our society has just poisioned itself to death.  To peel away the onion of sickness you must start with the diet.  Start eliminating these foods and watch your body rise to the occasion and start healing.

Amother layer of the onion to peel away to better health is to get out and get moving.  My buddies and I skied 35 miles this weekend.  We just had to get one last big time ski in before it all melted.  Let me tell you once it got over 35 degrees and that sun hit the trails it really got slow and was a lot of work.  The ski’s now have storage wax until next November and it’s time to start a new season of activity.  Get out side and do some form of an outdoor sport, you will love it and getting sun on your body will help you also.

Last ski of the year April 6th Rock Creek Farm

Some of you may have to get some new friends or not see some of your negative friends if they hold you back.  Chasing and going for your dreams in life are important.  Keep it positive and see neat things happen in your life.  There is always someone new to meet out there to have a great positive relationship with.

Spring is finally here.  I  have loved everything about this winter except trying to ski when it was 15 below.  That was a little nasty.   Now that spring is here and the sun is here I’m just so excited to get outside and enjoy the sun, hear the Robins, see an occassional bear, and see all of you out and about.

We all want health to be something that we can just run with and everything is grand.  Sometimes we need to take small baby steps, then up to a walking speed and then finally we graduate to an all out run.  It takes time and energy and a lit of sticking to the game plan in order to achieve optimal health and wellness.  If you stick with it it will pay off!!

It was tough seeingThe Badgers get beat by Kentucky on that last second shot.  What an incredible shot.  Look for Bucky and the Gophers to be tough in hoops next year.

Riley's first car!

Do you know if you have leaky gut?  I’m doing a seminar here in 2 weeks April 21st 6:30pm here at my clinic.  This is a must attend seminar if you have any gut issues, brain fog, or low energy, or have been diagnosed with some form of chronic disease or auto-immune issue.

First track workout tomorrow, maybe see you out there!!  Dr. E

P.S. A big thanks goes out to Dan and Monica Wolter for making Riley’s dream come true with his first car!!

What inspires you to keep moving forward?

Every week I try to inspire you to take action in your life.  I try my best to live a life that is healthy, fun, and inspiring.

Find some form of activity that leads you to move your body like you’ve never moved before.

I try to inspire you to eat healthier so your body can function at an optimum level of health and well being and you will have energy like you’ve never had before.

Living and being healthy doesn’t have to be that hard.  Your body wants to heal itself constantly.  Your body want to have a great 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night so you can restore functions of the body and have energy for the day.

Viruses, bacteria, parasites, lack of exercise, poor nutrtion, auto-immune diseases, subluxations, all create problems with our mind-body.

The good news is there is hope for people.   The past 5 years I’ve been studying some of the best minds in the country on how to get sick people well.  This can be quite challenging and sometimes I do not have all the answers.  One thing I do promise is that I will do everything I can to get at the root cause of why you feel the way you do and what needs to be done to get you better.

One of the things I request everyone do is get a 85 different blood tests from Lab corp down in Edina. You can do this by calling Mary and she will take care of the payment $199 right at her computer. This is a great comprehensive analysis to rule out what causes a lot of poor health.  Here are the health breakers.

1.  Bad blood sugar.  This should my number one deal breaker for your health.  If it’s to high or to low you have ot get this under control.

2.  Anemias.  If anemic you will not have any energy

3.  Fatty lipid profile.  Why be on statins when you can fix this in most cases very easy with lifestyle changes

4.  Gastro-intestinal-liver issues.  I see a ton of parasitic infections and bad guts when I do stool ecology test and checking your differential white blood cell count.  H.Pylori is another very common gut infection htat can cause lots of problems including leaky gut.

5.  Methylation pathways.  Homocystiene is another test I run which is vital for checking inflammation in your body and brain.

6.  Vit D. levels.  Everyone I check is insufficient.  You need to have proper sufficient Vit. D levels to have good health.

7.  Thyroid function.  I do 10 checks on the thyroid including antibodies.  Just saw 2 patients today who had no idea they had postive antibodies for the thyroid.  This is an immune sytem problem, not just a thyroid problem.  Do you know the one food you should never eat if you have hashimoto’s or any other auto-immune problem?

If you really want to find out what the heck is going on with your body, this is a crucial comprehensive blood work up.  Your M.D. is not going to run this comprehensive of an exam.  If you are not getting answers or results then it’s time to get this test done.

I got some incredible skiing this past week.  Tuesday the Birkie trail was incredible, and both Saturday and Sunday at Big Rock Creek farm was the best skiing of the year!!!!!

I’ll get out tomorrow morning one moe time.

Way to go Badgers!! What an incredible sweet sixteen and elite 8 games they had.  I thing they are going to have there hands full with kentucky.  I think they can win it all!!!!

Until next time, dream big and take action!!  Dr. E

Gluten free spinach balls. Yummy!

P.S.  You got to put back in your body what is missing, nutrtition, exercise, etc).  It’s time to unwind your body and get your mind body working well again so you can live life and not feel like you are slowly dying.  Your family needs you to be your best!!

Solutions for why you are tired all the time

One of the most common symptoms I hear daily from patients is a lack of energy.

There are many different reasons that people are tired.  If it’s chronic, then you really have to look at the underlying cause of the problem.

One of the most common one is poor sleep at night.  There are many underlying problems causes of this also.  Poor blood sugar regulation, thyroid issues, stress, hormonal imbalances, etc, etc.

To find out why you are tired I use lab testing.  I do a 85 panel test which covers just about everything under the sun and a test called an andrenal stress index test.  This is a saliva test that measures your 4 cortisol levels.  If your cortisol levels which are stress hormones are elevated at night then there is no way your sleeping very good.  Most peopel tell me they either can’t get to sleep or can’t stay alseep.  Both of those need to be addressed and the blood work up and ASI test is a great place to start.

There are some simple things you can do also like not eating sugary foods at night, don’t eat past 7 pm, eat a light supper, get to bed the same time each night.  Clear your head of worrry and fear before you go to bed.  Count your blessings and I could go on and on.  The big thing is to take some form of consistant action which works best for you.

If you want to find out more information I’m doing a fatigue recovery workshop this Wednesday night 6:30 pm at my clinic.  Just email me back if you want in.  Seating is limited.  No charge for this seminar.  Will take about 45 minutes or so.

Well that Super Bowl was a dud, and so were the commercials.  Game over after the first few series.  The packers are going to have a tough time getting to the super bowl the next few years with trying to get through that Seattle defense.  They really bring it.

40 years ago in 1974 I was part of the Super Bowl halftime entertainment at the punt, pass and kick national championships.  What a thrill that was.  Now they put on these huge shows which cost millions of dollars.  I say bring back the kids!

Allright, I know it’s cold out, if it’s to cold for you get in the gym or so some workouts at home.  Your body and mind need movement.  I did a 43 kilometer race in Wausao on Saturday and that really took it out of me.  Very cold and slow snow but i got it done.  It’s always  a great accomplishment after  doing a hard race.  Less than 3 weeks until the Birkie!!

40 years ago.

More than just adjusting backs.

In my 26 years of being a Chiropractor I’ve seen a lot of different trends and in health I’m wandering if as a society we are any healthier?  One of the reasons I’ve been working my tail off attending many seminars focused on metabolic(how your organs are working), and neurological(how your brain and nervous system are working) is to help people finally get some answers for their health condition and for those who are not helped by other health care providers.  This takes a ton of work and I sure wish I would have had this education and insight back in Chiro school.  There are more sick people now then there were when I was in Chiro school.  People are living longer but the quality of life may not be as good.  I just read a study saying how providers of all kinds are not ready to care for the aging population.  It’s the quality of life that matters more than longevity.  Can you do the things you want to in life?  If you can’t then you need to do something about it now.  That’s where I can assist you. Find out what’s not working right and get it going again.

Hawkeys dominated the Gophers

There are answers.  If you do have a chronic disease such as diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, an autoimmune disease such as hashimoto’s thyroiditis, chronic neck or back pain, and the list can go on and on.  You really do not have to suffer.  Do I have all the answers, no, but if you are going to the same doctor for 10 years and aren’t doing any better than something isn’t working.   I guess that could be the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

You have to have good brain health in order for the rest of your body to work well.  I do a complete neuro evaluation and then look at you metabolically and then put it all together and come up with a game plan to get you on track to better health.  Yes you will have to do some changing with your lifestyle especially the diet , which can be challenging.  But if I do food sensitivity testing and you come back for a food that you should not be eating and you don’t stop it then you will never ever get better.  Doing the right tests are very important.  The gut barrier testing is a great test.  If you have barrier issues in your gut creating a leaky gut then you are probably having a leaky brain also and have gut issues and brain fog issues also.  A barrier is something that protects you from the outside or things from getting in.  You have a gut lining that protects things from getting into your blood stream and running rampid throughout  your body.  If this is breached it can really cause problems.  That’s why healing the barriers in your gut is of so much importance.  80% of your immune system lies in your gut.  If you have poor immune health then you have probable gut issues.  Wuth the standard american diet most people are going to have gut issues even if they are not symptomatic.  A good thign you can for gut health is to go gluten free.

If you want more information on my neuro and metabolic portion of my practice just email me at steve@dredling.com and I can have you fill out the metabolic assessment form which gives me a good look into how all your organs are functioning, and the neurological assessment form to seee how your brain is working.  Then we can sit dowm and go over these forms and how it effects your overall health and well being.

Ok, got rained on big time at Gopher homecoming this past saturday.  It was great to see all the guys I played with.  Bob Sudler flew in form Miami for the weekend.  Always great to see Bob.  Here are a couple of pics from the game.

Former Golden Gophers Bob Sudler and I.

Should you go gluten free?

I was out in Montana last week for Connors orientation to Montana State and what impressed me was how informed I was as to the process of what to expect in detail for him over the next four years.  Parents were so informed it reassured me big time.  I also was impressed on how healthy the Bozeman community was.  People are active, fit, and look incredibly healthy.  I spent most of my time when I was off campus at the local Co-op which had the most incredible fresh food ever.  I have never ate so well in my life.  They really were pumping the gluten free foods out there.  I thought that was great since the more I learn the more I should never let gluten touch my lips.

Buffalo at Yellowstone.

This past weekend I was doing post grad work on the glutem, leaky gut, and autoimmunity connection.  The new research coming in is fascinating and people need to be aware of this so they can start making informed choices about what they put in their mouths.  I’m actually going to do a workshop on this next monday night at my clinic at 6:30 pm.

I’ll go over the gluten basics such as gluten in foods, hidden sources of gluten, potential gluten cross reactive foods, gluten sensitivity versus celiacs, prevelence of gluten sensitivity, factors leading to gluten sensitivity, gluten and autoimmunity, gluten and leaky gut, and a host of other very important items regarding your choice in eating gluten or not.

This is vital information is you have any gastro-intestinal complaints when you eat, if you have a condition which is unresolved, if you have a history of auto-immune disease, if you have a thyroid problem, if you want to eat better, lose weight and feel better then I’d make the class.

Another cool thing about going on a break was  just dreaming about life, what I’d like to see etc.  One thing I’d love to see is a co-op like the one they had in Bozeman Montana, here is the link. https://www.bozo.coop/  Good food is vital for your body and mind.  Add some exercise(I love interval training, most bang for your buck), and have a great attitude and all things are possible.

My son Connor has his graduation party this suday at our house.  I’m very proud of him and feel his best years are just starting.  I feel Osceola has prepped him well for his college years and I’m sure he will love Montana state.  Way to go Connor!!

Connor in front of the library at Montana State

O.K. That’s it for this week.  Sign up for the gluten free class by emailing me or just give me a jingle 715-294-3100.  It will change your life!!  Dr. E

Should you go gluten free? Why, and how.

When I talk to patients about going gluten free and giving up some of the foods they truly cherish it can be difficult for them at times.  I try to explain to them that it is not only for people who have been diagnosed with celiac’s disease which is a terrible condition where the villi of the stomach are destroyed by an immune reaction in which white blood cells come and attack the villi or wall lining,  but also for people who have a sensitivity to gluten which we do testing for.  There is a difference between a full blown celiacs and one who is sensitive.  Being sensitive means everytime you eat gluten you are just adding fuel to the fire.  It doesn’t have to be only gut and intestinal symptoms.  It could be a gut reaction causing leaky gut which is another barrier to our body for protection, but it could also be many different things including leaky brain which is when the blood brain barrier is breeched and can cause a myriad of neurological problems like brain fog, MS symptoms, migraines, chronic pain syndromes, and many other things that are chronic in nature and unless you remove the gluten you are just causing more problem.  If you are up for it and want to find out what foods you are sensitive to and may be causing problems for you  can do that right here.  If not I’d try it for 30 days minimum and see how you feel.  Many people do really well when they get off gluten and tell me their knees feel better, their back doesn’t hurt anymore, they haven’t had a migraine, and they have lsot weight.  This is awesome, so I would continue to stay off it if they are getting results.

It's right around the corner

Many people I see have chronic pain syndromes.  Most have terrible standard american diets which are full of inflammatory foods such as sugar, gluten, dairy, soy, etc.  Many of these people are overweight, and may have an autoimmune disease such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, MS, RA, Psoriasis, Lupus, Scleroderma, etc.  Autoimmune conditions are when your immune system has got overexcited and causes an attack upon a particular tissue.  Once you are auto-immune you are always autoimmune.  How do you know if you have one of these conditipons?  You have to have an antibody test done to see if you are producing antibodies to a particular tissue.  One of the most common autoimmune conditions I see is Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.  It’s an attack of your immune system on the thyroid tissue.  Unfortunatly most people don’t ever get the antibody testing and still suffer even when on meds.  I test all my patients for thyroid antibodies.  If you have this condition or any other auto-immune condition you must go gluten free, and be on a very restricted anti-inflammatory diet.  If you want to feel better and function better then you have to , it’s as simple as that.  You would not put gas on a fire when you are trying to put it out.

Once you have an auto-immune condition you manage it, because once you have an excited immune system it is always looking for another tissue to attack, you better hope it’s not your brain or some organ.  Now, I’m not here to scare you but your immune system is very important and if it’s not functioning well and you are having problems with your life and taking a bunch of meds which do nothing to address the immune issue you may want to seek my advice or someone who has training in functional medicine and understands and knows how to help these type of suffering prople. If you don’t know what to do and are sufferring try gluten free to start.  Grains are inflammatory to your body and create an immune reaction, and for those that are sensitive or have a full blown auto-immune case you will never get better unless you remove this food from your body.

This is right around the corner also

When you go gluten free the big thing I would do is not go to the gluten free section.  There are many products that are gluten free but have tons of sugar.  Lots of cookies, muffins, etc. that are gluten free but not sugar free. Stay away from that since the excess sugar can be just about as inflammatory to your body as the gluten is.  Your sugar should be fruits only, specifically stone fruits, or berries.  This is a tough time of the year to get good fruit so you can always get blueberries which are fine.  I’d keep your diet to a ton of mixed color veggies which is most of your diet.  If you have a plate I’d have 2/3rds of it covered with veggies, then you can have some protein in organic fresh meats, chicken, or fish, and then a little fruit in there if you’d like. What do I eat for breakfast?  Same things as lunch and dinner.  Mix it up and get creative.

You want to have an anti-inflammatory diet which is going to give you nutrients because when I do blood work I see all kinds of insufficiences in minerals and vitamins due to a poor toxic and insufficient diet.  It you do this diet you will start feeling better quite soon, and once your systems start working better, you get your life back.  I love helping people who have been through the mill with their health and it’s great to see them get their life back and keep it once we do the testing and get them on a specific designed program that addresses their problem.   It’s incredible to see that the body can heal when given the right nutrients and incredible self care.

I’m getting a little long winded here but I feel this is important information for you to use.  I’m here to help transform your life and add vitality to it.

Thanks to all of you who have been praying for our family.  My dad is near his end and a quick update for you who want to know.  He was alert today and could talk a bit.  I’ve been reading your well wishes from facebook to him and we truly are appreciative and grateful for your thoughts and prayers.  he’s a fighter and is not ready to go yet even though his body is severely shutting down.  We pray it will be peaceful when he decides to go.  Mary and I are up there as much as we possibly can. Morning, noon, night, and anytime between we can sneak up  there.  I feel your health is so valuable and you never want to lose it because it is tough on everyone and it may cost you everything you value. On the positive side if you work at it and take care of yourself then health and life are limitless.

Mom, dad, and me some 30 years ago.

Until next time, keep eating, moving, and thinking well!  Feel free to call me or email anytime.  Dr. E

p.s.  Looks like I may get the ski’s out one last time.  Big storm coming, bring it on!!

Look to the cause of the problem

Over the past 3.5 years i’ve been studying my tail off going to numerous seminars throughout the country learning to help people with really tough chronic conditions like Peripheral neuropathy, Hasimoto’s thyroiditis, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, M.S. and a host of other Auto-immune conditions, and  many different neurological conditions since you can’t seperate the neurological problems from metabolic conditions, Gastro-intestinal conditons, hormonal imbalances,etc.  All these chronic conditions have many underlying causes and you really have to dig deep to find out what the causes are.  They can be from anything from a bad bacteria or virus that are causing your immune system to run haywire against your body, it can be food or enviromental sensitivities that you have no idea about, it can be chronic stress over time, and a host of many other causes.  The deal breakers that I find with chronic conditions that cause people a lot of misery int one’s life are:

1.  Blood sugar/adrenal imbalances.  If these are not in control (85-100), either to high or to low you are going to have problems.

2.   Anemias.  If you aren’t getting good oxygen through the red blood cells you are never going to have any energy.  Many different causes of anemias.

3.  Gastro-intestinal/liver dysfunction.  You have to have good gut health since 80% of your immune system lies in your gut.  We get people’s gut healthy and they get their health back.

4.   Auto-immunity.  If you have an auto-immune condition you need to manage it properly since it is an immune condition.

5.  Essential fatty acid metabolism.  Good to bad fat ratios have to be improved for good cellular and energy production.

Click the “Your Problem” for a great pic of what I’m talking about at the end of the paragraph.  This is how I start to dissect why you feel like you do.  This is the metabolic part of my practice.  This takes a ton of work and energy but it’s great to see people get their health back if they are committed to investing the time and energy back in to their health.Your Problem

If you know any one who suffers with a chronic health condition I may be able to help.

I had a great time at Lambeua field on Sunday with m son Riley and a friend of his.  If you ever get a chance to just do it.  I’ve been to many stadiums but their is nothing like a Packer experience.  You may even run in to some Osceola people while you are over there.

Curly Lambeau

Until next time, keep living healthier every day in every way!!  Dr. E

Giving it your all.

This past Saturday the Osceola Chieftains played their hearts out in a tough loss to the Medford team. The kids took the loss tough but you know when you give it your all there is nothing to feel bad about. Tears were flowing by everyone after the game. It hurts to lose when you give it your all. The parents were incredibly supportive and came together as one for the team. This is a season that will not be forgotten. You can read all about my impressions of this years season in this weeks upcoming Valley Wire. It sure was fun helping keep these athletes healthy so they could play, and getting to know these kids is memorable.

Bryce Byl

I’m glad I’m not out east dealing with the hurricane issues. I’ve got a lot of friends out there and they are hunkered down and it sounds like the big one is really here. I remember the Halloween storm of 1991. That was the worst storm I’ve ever seen. I was snowed in for 3 days. The only way I could get around was on my cross country ski’s breaking trail. That was so much fun.

Here is a quick little summary for you as to some of the benefits you can recieve here at Edling Chiropractic.

1. Metabolic work for people who suffer form autoimmune conditions, fibromyalgia, diabetes, thyroid conditions, peripheral neuropathy, and a host of other metabolic condtions. I use lab testing along with specific nutrtional supplementation and diet that works wonders at getting your body to start healing itself. You don’t have to suffer any longer. We are having great success for witht these chronic conditions. You will not get better until you address underlying metabolism and start decreasing your toxic load in life.

2. Along with the metabolic side I’ve been studying my tail off doing functional neurology work. Basically this is to get the brain working at it’s best. If you have a metabolic conditon you also likely have a brain issue. Slowing down the degenerative process that our brain goes through is crucial for a healthy life. People with balance disorders, dizziness, migraines, disc problems, numbness, MS, tremors, RLS, insomnia, and a host of other neurologic dysfunctions can be helped immensly with specific neuro work to get your brain balanced and fucntioning like it should. Decreased function of your Central Nervous System will manifest itself in 4 ways. Abnormal movement, abnormal mental fucntion, abnormal sensory, and abnormal body contour. I see people everyday who can’t remember well, can’t sleep well, have numbness, tingling,pain, have balance problems, senses are off, and posture is terrible. These people can be helped. You have to address the brain. I find where the problem is and use adjustments and exercise to fix it.

3. Structural work. This is your traditional hands on Chiropractic adjusting. I find the area of your spine or extremity and adjust it to get the proper motion back in it. This effects you neurologically and structurally your body will move better and be able to adapt to the physical stresses better.

4. Non surgical spinal decompression. This works great if you have bulging or herniated discs, spinal stenosis, headaches, sciatica. I wish I would have had this when I went through my disc herniation. This is a life saver for many who suffer with back and neck pain.

5. Cold laser. I use this for all my aches and pains, and use it with a lot of my athletes and patients for various neuromuscloskeletal problems. I love it and so do my patients.

I put your case together and go over my best reccommendations for you. There is hope!!!!! Until next time, give it your all and if you or a loved one suffer with health challenge give me a jingle and lets get you back living life again. Dr. E p.s. Did you know that I am a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician. I’ve been working with athletes for 25 years and as an athlete I know how important having Chiropractic care is to keeping you playing and preventing many injuries.

P.S.P.S. Big push for weight loss starting next week. This is the last one for 2012. Why wait until the first of the year.

Connor and Tommy rocking it.

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