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Community News | Edling Chiropractic

Community News

A picture can tell a thousand words

It’s funny  how I took a picture of myself after a ski race this weekend on my cell phone and posted it to facebook and somehow 120 people liked it and a lot of comments on the pic.  If you want to see the pic just go to my facebook page and you can see it.  I was shocked to see how that one pic got so much attention.

Now here is a funny pic from a birkie close to 20 years ago.

Now that's an icy beard.

I was simply attempting to show you what it loked like after skiing a race in six below temps and minus 30 windchills.  It was pretty brutal out there.  That was the first time ever my lips got a little frost bit.  I was skiing down the hills and I had to put my mitten over my lips since they were burning.  Thank God I did the short 18km race.  The long 32 km race would have been tough. It took me 64 minutes to get the race done.  It was fun but an hour out there going all out is enough when it’s that cold.

Yesterday Duane Lee and I skied at Big Rock Rock farm and it was so much fun skiing in 6 inches of fresh powder.  We got done just in the nick of time before the winds starting picking up.

If you dress warm enough you can get out and get a good workout in.  You don’t have to be out there all day long.  Just get out and get the body moving.   I  also love getting good natural oxygen in my system.  It’s surprisingly not bad on the lungs being out in the cold.  You just have to get warmed up a bit and then once your moving well the lungs work better.

It’s very important to hydrate with water after you ski.  You use much more water and energy when you are out in the cold.  You would think it would be more in the summer but it’s not.

Polypropelene long underwear is incredible at keeping the sweat off your body.  I raced in my skiny thin race suit with poly pro underwear and that’s all I needed for a short race to keep warm.  You can use this form of underwear anywhere, anytime of the season.  Check out this funny pic from 20 years ago.  This was when they first came out with it and it worked great but  it was a bit itchy.  The new stuff is great.

Funny pic! No gray hair!

How are you doing with your 2014 health goals?  Are you eating, moving, and thinking better?  You can do it!!  If you need some assistance just give me a jingle.

I’m doing a “Fatigue” workshop on Wednesday February 5th at 6:30 at my clinic.  I’ll explore in depth the underlying causes of fatigue and have solutions for you.  I’ve only got room for 8 so if you want in email me back steve@dredling.com  It’s free also.

Ok, keep becoming your best and be sure to help others along their journey.

Congrats to Joel and Heidi Hazzard in sponsoring the “Feed our starving children”  at the OHS auditorium.  The kids packed 118,000 meals which will feed 365 children around the world for one year.  Now that’s giving back big time.  The kids had a great time and I think learned some valuable lessons about giving back.

Be Thankful, Be Healthy!

Tis the season to count your blessing for all that goes on in our fast pace world we live in.  I hunted this opener for the first time in 8 years.  I passed up 3 small bucks and saw about 20 does before 10 am.  Thanks to Tin Skiba for letting me hunt on his property.  It sure was nippy out there.  I can handle the cold pretty good but when I can’t  feel my hands even with those hand warmers then it’s time to come in.

I’m thankful to be able to hunt because it gives me time to relax and just hang out in the wonderful woods of northern Wisconsin.  I have always loved just sitting in the woods.  It’s the one time all year when I don’t feel I’m on the move.

After the saturday opener I picked my son Riley up and we went to the Gopher-Badger game.  Wisconsin dominated the game and won fair and square.  It sure was cold at that game.  I couldn’t wait to get back to the car and warm up.  I’m grateful for heated seats and a heated steering wheel.

Now the Packer-Viking game is another story.  Can you believe it ended in a tie?  No one wants to witness a tie.  I believe they should run the overtime like they do in college.  Put it at the 25 yard line and let each team get a crack at.  Play until there is a winner.  The pack just isn’t the same without Aaron Rodgers.

Don’t forget about the 26th Turkey bowl coming up Thanksgiving morning 9-10:30 at the new Osceola football field.  We are moving it up an hour because the Packer-Lion game starts at 11 CST.  Come on by and cheer us on or if you want to play just show up and be ready to bring it.  I actually have been doing sprints to get in shape for this game.  We get together Wednesday night at P.Y’s every year so come on down.

Studies have shown that when we are grateful we are healthier and happier.  Your immune system is stronger, you have less heart disease, and many more healthy benefits.

On a sad note one of St. Croix Falls legends died on Saturday.  Bruce Yunker had the Yunker Pulbing and Heating for ever up in St. Croix Falls.  Thak God for Bruce  because he saved the day many a time when the heat went out in the house or if anything needed to be fixed he could get it done.  He would stop over for coffee and cookies and was quite the character.  I stayed every year at Bruce and Audreys house in Hayward for the Birkie and they were always gracious hosts.  Bruce always had fresh fish that he would fry up and that would be our little ritual to get us through the Birkie.  He will be missed by many.  R.I.P. Bruce.

Audrey Yunker. Bruce's giant moose on the wall.

Our clinic will not be open on friday.  Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy your families!!  Dr. E

Coming together when tragedy hits home

Coming together when tragedy hits home..

I’m sure most of the readers are aware of the tragic snowmobile training accident that took the life of Sarah Thorsland .  It’s the worst of the worst of tragedies.  Something as safe and innocent as going through a snowmobile certification test and a freak accident occurs and a life is snuffed out.  The pain and grief of a small community, neighbors, classmates, friends and family feel, is unbearable at times.

Sarah was my next door neighbor.  I watched her grow up.  I watched her learn to swim in our swimming pool.  This past summer she really came out of her shell.  She was a teen now and it was fun to watch her and her girlfriends flirt with the older high school boys around the pool.  The young innocence of being a teen is now lost.

Her folks Jay and Lisa, brother Josh and sister Cammie are great neighbors, and this time of year was always a special time since the Thorslands would put on a spooky path behind their house in Buckridge for Halloween.  All the neighbors would gather there and have a blast.  It’s a fond memory and I know how much fun it was for Sarah.  It was a tough Halloween knowing how much Sarah loved this holiday

The shining light of this tragic loss has been to witness neighbors and our community, come together to support the Thorslands in their time of grief.  From planning meals, to picking family members flying in for the funeral, to planting a memorial tree to just saying I’m sorry for your loss this community has risen to the occasion to lend a helping hand and heart.  This is why I love living in a small community.  You get to know your neighbors and they are kind of like a part of the family.  I guess we are all family.  From attending athletic events, to Braves games in the summer, to the fair in the fall, it is a great community we live in.

It shouldn’t take a tragedy for us to be neighborly.  We should all be kind, non judgmental, and appreciative of one another even though we may have different viewpoints, ways of living, and beliefs.

If it’s good enough for Aaron Rodgers…

It was fantastic to see Packer QB Aaron Rodgers give his Chiropractor credit for helping him get through this week of practice and the game against the Washington Redskins.  Rodgers threw for an all time high 476 yards in their win.

The stress Packer QB Aaron Rodgers goes through every week is like getting hit by a semi once a week.  No wonder he receives weekly adjustments and sometimes multiple adjustments on game day to keep him playing at an MVP candidate.

Chiropractic works at helping your body adjust to all the physical, chemical, and emotional stressors that we all have.  Releasing the internal tension is what I do as a Chiropractor, and then your body starts the healing process.

It’s homecoming week here in Osceola.  The new stadium opens up friday night for the game against the Amery Warriors.

Riley Edling celebrating win with Natalie Benoy

The thing I love about football is it is so much like life.  You get knocked down and you either get back up and keep going or they are going to put someone in for you who will.  It teaches you how to play with others. It teaches you how to be respectful, follow rules, and take care of yourself if you want to perform your best.

Osceola has a Division one football player in Thor Riemer this year.  Thor has been receiving adjustments weekly and has been doing our ARP machine which speeded his recovery for his knee sprain from a 6 week injury to two weeks.

Big Thor showing his pipes off after a huge victory.

Fall is in the air and the change of seasons is happening now.  I was out with Dave Leske for a 10 mile trail run yesterday morning and it was amazing to see how much color was already taking place in the woods.  All the Birch trees have lost their leaves.  Be careful not to run into bears when your out in the woods.  Dave wanted to get 2 more miles in when he ran into the 2 bears and really shook him being only 60 feet away.  The ole adrenalin kicked in after running already 10 miles of hills.  I think it’s going to be a quick fall especially with the leaves having no rain the last 6 weeks.  Enjoy the next 2 weeks because if we do get some rain and wind they will surely fall off soon.

Future Gopher? Amy Rice Strand

The above pic is yours truly with Osceola senior state champ sprinter Amy Rice Strand at the Gopher game last weekend.  She’s being recruited heavily by the gophers and many other division one schools.  She’s the real deal and would be a fantastic addidtion to an already outstanding Gopher track team.

Below is a picture of Travis Shackleton a great kid from Baldwin who played a whale of a game against us last friday night.  He pretty much dominated the game on both sides of the field.  Travis comes up and gets regular adjustments at our clinic also.  Look for Travis to play college ball.

Baldwin captain Travis Shackelton

OK, hope to see you out and about Osceola, and maybe at the game friday night, and Chiropractic is good enough for MVP Aaron Rodgers isn’t it good enough for you?

I’m back from Montana, ready to serve you!

Wow, just got back last night from Bozeman Montana where I was with my son Connor for his orientation and registration for his upcoming college years at Montana State University in Bozeman Montana.

Connor and the team Mascot.

I was super impressed with the campus and they have an incredible staff who will go the mile for these young people.  What a great progressive city and if you like the outdoors what a great place to live.

I’m back energized and ready to go the extra mile for you assisting you along your journey so you can be the healthiest you possible!!!

Connor climbing up to the big"M" that over looks Bozeman

Having your health I feel is got to be one of your top priorities.  If you haven’t got your health then how can you really enjoy life.  The one thing I saw out in Bozeman was how active people are.  It’s a very young crowd and everyone seems to be on the move and you don’t see any over weight people.  Gluten free is the norm out here, and people seem to take being healthy as a top priority for their lives.

If you want to hike in the summer or ski in the winter this place has it.   It’s always fun to see other places of the country and the thing that I loved was the beauty of the area and just how healthy people looked and how active they were in Bozeman.

Connor looking down over Bozeman

I’m at work this morning and will be back regular hours first thing monday morning.  It’s always good to be back home and it was also good to take a break and get re-energized.

I look forward to serving you and your families to the best of my abilities!! Dr. E

This is long overdue.

Thank you!!!

Thank you for all your positive comments and prayers for our family with the recent passing of my father John.  We are all doing really well.  I feel incredibly blessed to have had him as my father. What an incredible life he lived.  He loved serving people and had a big heart for others.

Graduation is tomorrow night for Osceola high school seniors.  I have about 15 seniors who come in for wellness adjustments to keep them in tip top shape.  Many of them I’ve coached in either youth baseball or football, and have seen them grow and become fine young adults.  I remember walking Connor down our driveway for his first day of kindergarten.  That sure was a fast 12 years.  He’s off to Montana state this fall so another new chapter for him is about to start.  Congrats to all the seniors!!

This is the time of year when spring sports are starting to wrap up and tournament time starts.  I was down in Ellsworth Tuesday for the conference track meet and OHS girls team won going away.  Congrats to all these kids.  Baseball, golf, soccer, all are having great seasons.  Keep it up and good luck the next few weeks!!

I’ve been seeing a ton of knee patients lately and have been having a lot of success using ARP and cold laser.  The ARP WAVE system is a combination of a proprietary electrical device and carefully designed protocols which target injury at the source, eliminate inflammation and dramatically accelerate the recovery of all soft tissue injury often eliminating the need for surgery .  The cold laser is light therapy which helps speed the healing of soft tissue and works great for a ton of different conditons.  I use it myself pretty much daily for all my little aches and pains and would not practice without it.

Connor and Riley 10 years ago

Many of the people I’m seeing right now are adding stress to their bodies with spring cleaning, being weekend warriors, and they are having a hard time adapting to the stress put on their body and they get a soft tissue problem and inflammation and pain result.  Most people jump on ibuprofen but there are many studies out their that show that ibuprofen slows down healing.  Ice is still your best anti-inflammatory agent.  Many of you have chroinc soft tissue problems and your biomechanics  have compensation patterns developing and you then can  get have some big time problems which effect your life in what you can do.  The ARP and laser may be very beneficial to help break up scare tissue and get your body to start healing so you can function optimally.  Some of these cases can be tricky depending on your age, length of injury, sleep patterns, medications, diet, etc.  I have to address all of these when you come in.  Then get a plan of action that will get you back to as near normal function as possible and in most cases better function than before.  It takes work and committment on both parts.

Remember, your body needs to move.  If you have an injury a day or two of laying low is about it.  You need to get the body moving.  Get on an anti-inflammtory diet(email me one and I’ll send you one), get proper sleep, and start exercising and you’ll feel so much better.

Thanks to all of you for being patient with me during the past few months with dealing with my dad while he was in the nursing home and his passing.  The hardest part wasn’t his death, but the day in and day out of seeing him suffer.  Thank God he doesn’t have to suffer any longer.

Until next time, get out and enjoy this beautiful weather.  I’ve finally put the storage wax on the ski’s. Dr. E

No More Shootings.

While I keep many of my political views to myself this is one I want to express as my own personal and professional opinion on the recent shootings at the Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown Ct.

Why would someone have an AK47?

I’ve deer hunted for 30 years and all my guns are at my neighbors in his safe.  I’d be scared to have a gun next to my bed at night.  I guess it wouldn’t make me sleep any better.  I was taught to never shoot unless it is a kill shot for hunting.  Basically one or two bullets is all you should ever need if you are a good shot .

I’ve never seen an assault weapon, I really thought they were for fighting wars and that’s it.  I’ve had a healthy respect for guns since I know the power they have.    What’s changed is that we live in a sicker and sicker society, and a much more violent society.

Violence is another thing I just don’t get.  I think we have to look at our society as a whole and then start with our own self in how we can each of us make our home, community, state and country more tolerable with each other and have a society that is much less violent..  How many more shootings are there going to be until we all say that’s enough and put pressure on the people who make our laws.  I think this is ground for good discussion.

We live in such a different society then when I grew up.  Here is what I see is different.  We could go to high school and show off our new gun.  We had one obese kid in each class not 35% of the classroom being obese.  We had one kid in the community who was very troubled, now their is one on each block.  If we lived in town you walked to school, now they take the bus.  If there was a little altercation in a classroom we took it outside at recess and got it handled.  Now you take it outside and you get suspended for 3 days.  If you wanted to visit a friend you walked to their house, now you visit on the cell phone.  We had 4 T.V. Channels, now there’s like 400 channels.  We had pong for video games, now kids have violent games.  So there are many changes in our society.  Look at people who are nearing 100 years of age.  They went to 6th or 8th grade for the most part.  They walked 5 miles each way to school.  They had horse and buggy and only the wealthy had a model A or T.  There was no indoor plumbing growing up.  They lived off the land not McDonalds.

I can’t remember one kid being on any psychotropic drug or anti-depressant when I was growing up.  Now it seems that my practice is full of not only children on meds for depression and anxiety, but so are the parents.  I think my generation of kids would experiment with alcohol and pot , but now it seems like kids today are experimenting with drugs I’ve never even heard of and have no idea where they are coming from.

I guess I could go on and on about differences from way back until now.  Society is always changing.  Time is going by faster and faster as I age.  How can each and everyone of us have more awareness and live more consciously healthier in mind, body, and soul.

Chiropractic is great because it is about removing interference to your mind, body, and soul with an adjustment, and then teaching one how to live in more congruency with proven diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications so your body, mind, and soul can be express itself with optimum maximal potential in life.

Until next time, Have a great Christmas, I will have the clinic open monday Christmas eve 7-11 am.   Come on in for a little Christmas cheer!!

Connor and Riley Christmas 2002

Well, that;s it for this week.  Our hours are normal hours through the holidays other than Christmas eve and new years eve just working the morning shift from 7-11.

Hope you all have an incredible holiday season.

25th Annual Turkey Bowl

This was the 25th annual Turkey Bowl.  It’s always one of the highlights of the year for me.  I love feeling for one day out of the year like I’m invincible on the football field.  Reality soon steps in when on the first play that left hamstring and groin start to feel a shade over 50.

Four have played in all 25 Turkey Bowls.    Tommy Krenz, Kevin Rogers, Terry Bailergeon, and Rollo Grant.  Tommy had an incredible game at QB.  The  red team started making a comeback  when he came in and took charge at QB and made two spectacular throws on the final drive with 70 yards to go in under 2 minutes to go in the game.  On the last play of the game with the red team (who was down at one time by 3 touchdowns ) trailing by four, and on 4th and goal from the 20 yard line Tommy throws one up for Division one Northern Illinois football player Lincoln Howard and he leaped over 3 defenders and somehow comes down with it.  I still can’t believe he caught it and then proceeded to dunk it over the goalpost in celebration.  How the red team won over the younger speedier Black team is beyond me.  This is typical of the Turkey bowl.  It always seems to come down to the final drive.   John Elway has nothing on Tommy Krenz and this years’ game winning Drive.

25th Turkey Bowl 2012

Kevy Rogers and I took turns coming in and out of the game.  I had a gimpy hip and hamstring and Kevy pulled his quad on a kickoff.  Kevy can still kick the ball like he did in high school.  Terry B played great Zone defense and his kids participated this year and look for them to be future Chieftain stars.  Rollo was on fire for the black team until big Lincoln someow snatched one of his passes and got the red team back in this year’s game.  We were suppose to play the Turkey Bowl in Las Vegas this year but I had an assumption that we would have perfect conditions and we sure did.   61 degrees with a 10 mph wind from the south.  As Garth form the Valley Wire took the traditional post game picture the wind seemed to shift a bit and I noticed the temp may have gone down a few degrees.  Never mind the weather as a bunch of us got in our cars and headed down to my clinic to get worked on and do some ARP wave since we were all dinged up.  No major injuries this year which is great news.  We’ve had quite a few broken collar bones, wrist, ribs, etc, and many concussions and pulled muscles.  The field was in great shape and it felt like we were playing in September.  Sure was nice not landing hard on a frozen field.

As we have completed 25 Turkey Bowls looking back we’ve had over 200 different people play in this event.  Thank you to all who have played and now it is time to start turning it over to the sons and grandsons to keep the Turkey Bowl alive and well for another 25 years.

Dr. E

p.s.  61 degrees when Turkey Bowl ended at noon and 8 hours later we had 22 degrees and a winter storm.  Sure was fun playing the Turkey bowl in T-shirts and shorts and not snowmobile suits.  Lincoln Howard this years MVP.  Look for Lincoln to be starting tight end for Northern Illinois football team next year.  They are currently rated #22 in the country.

Giving thanks and jump start to permanent weight loss

I’ve had to schedule another weight loss class because of over flow.  I have 3 already signed up for the next one and have room for 5 more.  That is all my clinic holds.  Call now if you want to jump start your self to losing weight once and for all and keeping it off.  The average american gains 10 pounds over the holiday season.  You don’t have to struggle any more.  Call Mary 715-294-3100or email me back if you want in.  The class if free. Seats will go fast.

I love Thanksgiving holiday.  It’s a time to stop and reflect on all that is great in your life.   I am grateful  for all of you who take time to read these blog posts.  I hope in some small way these words make a difference in your quality of life.  I am grateful for all my patients who have stayed the course with me over the past 25 years.  I am grateful for my family and friends who are loving and supportive of me and this practice.  I am grateful for good health.  I see what my dad is going through with his health challenges since he fell and broke his hip.  I am grateful for the people that take care of him 24/7.  I’ve said this in many posts over the years that if you haven’t got your health then you don’t have much and this is so true if you can’t do what you want to do in life.  Trust me you don’t want to lose your health.  Investing in your health daily should be a major proiority.  If you don’t it will likely cost you big bucks and your freedom  sometime down the line.  While it is great we have facilities for people who need 24/7 care you want to do everything you an do to keep your independance and prosper with great health.

Our 25th Turkey Bowl is htis thursday morning here at OHS football field.  We have the tradtional draft party Wednesday night at PY’s which is a blast.  I know I’m going to hurt for a few days after the game but it is well worth it.  It’s nice that we have some of the younger kids play which takes the stress off us older guys. Those hamstrings jsut don’t stretch like they used to.  I think we counted over 200 people have participated one time or another these past 25 years of doing the turkey bowl.  We have new jerseys this year  and maybe even a new trophy. It’s always a fun event and always some spectacular plays.  I pray no one gets hurt to bad.  Usually a concussion, a few hamstring pulls, but hope no one gets a bad injury like Tyler Ahlstrand last year on the last play of the game tore his achilles.

Turkey bowl 2009

A big congrats goes out to the Somerset football team ofr winning the division 4 football championship in Madison.  Coach Larson gets everything out of those kids.

Until next time, eat well, move well, and think well.  Dr. E.     p.s.  Get the college kids in for an adjustment if they are home wednesday.   We are out of the clinic thursday and friday and back normal hours next monday.

What are you waiting for?

Most of my successes in life have been to staying the course through thick and thin knowing good or bad times don’t last for ever.  One of the important things I try not to do to increase my chance of success is to not procrastinate but take action.  Everytime I’ve hesitated on something it generally hasn’t worked out that well.  When I put my mind to a course of working out I just have to show up and have my mindset right and  great results come with time.  An example would be disciplining myself to do bootcamp at 5:45 am every MWF.   Another would be my Tuesday, Thursday rollerski workouts getting in shape so when the snow comes I’m ready to ski and do soome racing and experience the exhilaration it brings.  I never feel more alive in life than when I”m cross country skiing.  I would have never even thought that 30 years ago but it’s true.  If you ever want to take me up on a little lesson or just ski for fun lets do it!.  It would be easy to sleep in but then i’m thinking about it the rest fo the day.  Get  up, get active if you can first thing in the mornignn while your energy is great and get it done.  You have to plan your time for workouts.  Put it on your calender.  Remember we all have the same amount of minutes.  Make it a priority.

25th Turkey Bowl is in 10 days

Another great priority is eating better.  I’ve talked at length about the benefits of eating a anti-inflammatory diet.  This is crucial if you want to be healthy.  Cut the dairy and gluten and watch the weight fall off.

How about this priority, good headspace.  This is a constant battle for everyone I talk to including yours truly.  It’s easy to get down and I’ve been there a million times.  Confuscious said the key to  success is when you fall down 7 times you get up 8 times.  I love that one.  If your struggling with your health give me a jingle and lets set up a time to do a phone consult, or come in and lets talk.  Poor health effects you and everyone around you.   You were meant to live a vibrant life.  It’s possible!!  That’s what I love to help people regain their health and keep it once they have it back.

How long do you have to work on your health?  Forever.  You brush your teeth forever, you parent forever, anything important in your life you do forever.

Ok, the weight loss class filled up in 3 hours.  I’m doing another one after Thanksgiving.  Let me know if you want in.

Good luck hunters.  Going to be good weather this weekend.  You are not going to freeze out there.

Turkey bowl is in 10 days.  Holy Moly it’s the 25th one.  Be there or be square.

Make it a great day everyone.  Be your best all the time !!  Dr. E    p.s. My alma mater the Gophers are going to a Bowl game.  Congrats to them.  Bucky will be playing in the Big 10 championship game.  It’s all good!

Random Post
  • Mother nature knows what to do.

    I had an incredible weekend of tons of great x-skiing, march madness, end of the year x-ski party, and hanging with the family. I saw something I had never seen before and was in awe of how mother nature works. I skied by an open field and spooked 2 bald eagles who flew over to a tree with 4 m
  • Avoid these Adrenal stimulants.

    48 hours until Turkey Bowl 2010. For those of you who are new to the blog and maybe new to me one of my traditions is to play in the Turkey Bowl.  This is a group of St. Croix and Osceola guys who have been playing touch football for the last 20 years on Thanksgiving morning.    We've had year
  • Have a great Thanksgivng!

     This past year has been a great year for me.  I got reunited with old Gopher football players which was a thrill for me again.  Mom got through her bypass and is doing great now.  Riley had a great summer in baseball and Connor is swimming hard year round, and Mary is still enjoying working wi
  • Not being able to do what you want to do is no darn fun.

    I hope all of you had an incredible 4th of July weekend.  It sure was a busy one for me.  It started early friday morning with the Siren 5 k run.  I did a 19:40 which was pretty good.  That's 3 sub 20 minute 5k's this year.  Interesting how I wasn't running that fast 5 years ago.  The only thi
  • Close encounter with a Bald Eagle.

    Fall is probably my favorite time of the year. Football is well under way and I love college football games, especially the new Gophers stadium which is outstanding. If you saw last weeks Gopher game against Miami of Ohio the opening kickoff hit in the back of the end zone and bounced up in to the