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Birkie fever | Edling Chiropractic

Birkie fever

You have to check this place out.

I went to the most incredible place ever this past weekend.  Big Rock Creek Farm located just off highway 87 3 miles north of St.Croix Falls.  They have over 20kilometers of groomed trails and room for another 30 kilometers.  I normally don’t ski much the week before the Birkie but I couldn’t resit skiing 4 hours over this incredible piece of land.

I’ve been waiting my whole life to be able to go back on htis piece of land and now it is available for cross country skiing.  Totally breath taking traills with spectacular views of trout streams, ponds, lakes, damns, hardwoods, corn fields, pines, and old rustic buildings.  Check it out on their website www.bigrockcreekfarm.com

Long straight away at Big Rock Creek Farm

Scott Hanson is hte caretaker and  he has plans for many different outdoor avtivities .  They also have an incredible cabin on the lake that people can stay in and the main lodge sleeps 18 people.  This would be the perfect place for an outdoor wedding.  Check out some of the pictures below.  Go out there and  check it out for yourself.  Go north of St. Croix Falls about 3 miles and you will see a yellow sign on the right for Big Rock Creek farm.  You can’t miss it.

OK, its less than a week until the Birkie.  We’ve been training hte past 51 weeks for the 40th Birkie.  This week  is all about rest and recovery and mentally preparing yourself for  a fun successfull race.  There is nothing like skiing with thousands of other people and feeling the energy of this event.

I ‘m doing the classic race this year which is 4 km farther so we get a 30 minute head start on the skaters.  We take off at 8am so we have to be up at 5 and out the door by 5:30 if  we are going to make it on time.  There have been a few years where it’s been a close call.  I remember about 10 years or so ago I got off the bus and heard the national anthem playing and took off late trying to catch my wave.  That wss stressful.

It’s all about seeing people you may not see but once a year and just having fun and not stressing out over the race.  I’ve prepared myself, I’m confident, and I’m not sick which is huge.  If you are tired and sick then there is no way you can enjoy and have a good race.

Great trails.

If you have nothing going on and want to be inspired take a trip up to Hayward and watch the finish.  You better be downtown no later than 10AM.  The winners are right around 2 hours so they will be coming through about 10:25.  It’s a lot of fun for skiiers and spectatiors.  You won’t be dissapointed.  You come up and I’ll buy you one at Anglers afterwards.

Until next time, do something today to improve your health for tomorrow.  It’s all about action!!!!!

It’s Getting Closer

Whenever you have a desire, a goal, a dream it usually takes some form of massive action in order for them to become a reality.

I’ve been training for the past 50 weeks for my 21st American Birkibeiner ski race.  One last hard interval session today and then I start shutting it down and rest up for recovery and to be at optimal physical and mental well being on race day February 23rd.

Despite being tired, poor weather conditions along the way, not really wanting to workout, my ski buddies and I persevered through all the negative and made it a positive.

The fun thing about training for something that you know you are going to be out there for 3 or so hours is you find out a lot about who you are.  It’s really not about the end result.  We all forget about our times a couple of days after the race.  It’s really more about the experience of who you are becoming along the way.

I have patients who have really bad spinal health and to get them back to where they need to be can really be quite the process.  Some are in it for the long haul, while others just aren’t ready to make the committment to themselves to do whatever it takes to get their health back and keep it.

The same is true for my metabolic patients.  It’s really quite a committment to do the testing, change the diet, implement consistant fat burning exercise, and never go back to poor living again.  Add that insurance doesn’t cover anything to get your health back and my fees and you really have to want it.

The really cool thing is watching people transform their lives who are dedicated and remain committed to the program. It’s an incredible process to see people get their health back and see them able to do things they only dreamed about.  Now that’s cool!!

You can have anything you really want if you stop the self limiting beliefs.

I think having your health is one of the most important things God gives us.  If you haven’t got your health then life sure can be a challenge.  Just look at family members or loved one’s that don’t have it, it’s not a pretty sight.

The start of the American Birkie

If you have a question about your health give me a jingle or an email.  I’m here to help assist you to the best health possible with the latest in metabolic, neurologic, and structural procedures and testing that will get you back on course and towards optimal health and well being.

I want to wish all of you a fantastic Valentines day!!  Make a great one.  Dr. E

Getting fit as a fiddle during the winter months.

I had minus 16 degrees this morning and I was glad I wasn’t a kid waiting for the bus to come pick me up.  I certaintly have never been a huge fan of the cold winter days.  The good news of days like today is the sun is bright and this always brings me optimism that there will be more warm days to enjoy the outdoor activities of winter and that spring and golf are just a few months away.

It’s just a little over a month from this years American Birkibeiner in Hayward Wisconsin.  There is not enough snow to do the Birkie at this time so we are hoping and praying they get snow so we can have an incredible weekend always the 3rd saturday in February.  If you want to do something fun come up and be a spectator at the Birkie.  Thousands of people cheer thousands of skiers on mainstreet Hayward.  It really is a sight to be seen.  You can’t help but be inspired when doing or watching the Birkie.

Riley Edling skiing his first Barnebirkie

I remember back in 1989 living and practicing up in Park Falls Wisconsin.  I lived just down from the papermill in town.  I can still smell that ugly pulp smell, yuck!!  I was also coaching high school basketball at the time and was having a blast doing that.  I needed somehthing to do for my fitness since I couldn’t play basketball due to my knee.  I had a patient named Dave Wilcox that suggested we go cross country skiing.  I got a pair of ski’s and started skiing with Willie up at Johnsons ski trail in Wakefield Michigan every Wednesday.  It was so much fun and I was getting in great shape and felt so much better.  I started doing a couple of citizens races and then signed up for the Korteloppet which is the 1/2 Birkie.  I did a couple of those before my first Birkie.  20 Birkies later and meeting hundreds of great people along the way it has truly been a lifechanging sport for me.  It has kept me young, fit, and disciplined to treat my mind-body well.

When we get the dog days of winter there is always something you can do for exercise.  You can join a gym, do bodyweight exercises at home, snowshoe, cross country ski, play hockey, skate, slide, jog, walk, and on and on.  Fitness is an ongoing 365 day process.  Your body needs movement for survival.  Your brain needs movement, that’s how it gets oxygen which is fuel for your brain.  The worst thing you can do is sit all day on the computer and then go home and watch T.V. all night.  Do that along with not eating protein based breakfast, and having a poor diet is a recipie for disaster over time.  We have enough sickness care in our country.  How about finding something you like to do and just doing it. I know you can do it.  I’ve seen people change who I never thought would.  It all comes down to how bad do you want your health and well being.  I try to lead by example as to what’s possible for your health.  I figure I’ll have 50 Birkies in by the time I’m 80 and still kicking butt on the youngters.

Until next time, tie the shoes or boots up and get at it.  Once you decide to make the change then anything is possible. Stick with it, don’t stop, find some friends to work out with, and have fun with it.  You’ll surprise yourself in no time if you just stick with it.  For those that have some chronic health issues please give yourself time to heal.  Patience is a virtue if you have neglected your body mind.   I’m here to lead you along your way to improved health, well being, and happiness in life. Dr. E

Weight loss for 2013

Once again we celebrate the beginning of another New Years.  I’m asking everyone about what their health goals are for 2013 and the most common one I keep hearing is weight loss?  I’m good at helping people lose weight but they have to follow exactly what I tell them to do.  You have to be motivated to make a change in your life especially with weight loss.  You have to change how you think about yourself, how you eat, and you have to get moving for sure.  You have to eat for energy and not just for pleasure.  I’m doing a workshop next Wednesday night from 6:30-7:30pm at my clinic.  I only have room for 7 people so sign up now if you want bottomo line results with getting healthy like you never have before and in the process lose the weight you want to.  It’s time, no more excuses.  Taking action is the key.  This is the ad that was run in the Osceola Sun this past week.  Again, the workshop will be Wednesday night 6:30 pm at my clinic. Call me 715-294-3100 or email me steve@dredling.com

Badger fan needs to come to my class.

That may sound like a bold statement, but that’s how confident
I am in our weight loss program. Not only can I make you lose
weight, I can show you how to keep it off forever! I’ve found that
helping people lose weight and keep it off is one single thing that
has the potential to create the most numerous changes in overall
health problems.
If you are like most people, you have probably lost weight in
the past only to gain it back and then some. The old yo-yo dieting
syndrome. There is a reason for that and I’ll show you what it is.
There is no gimmick or quick fi x that will ever make you lose
weight permanently. This is the REAL THING!
I know there is a good chance you are dealing with Type II
Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Hypo-thyroidism, joint pain, and possibly a number of other health conditions.
Come spend one hour with me and I’ll show you how you may be
able to completely get rid of Type II diabetes, and possibly throw
away your blood pressure and cholesterol drugs forever. Whether
you want to lose that last 10 pounds or you NEED to lose 100lbs
or more, I can show you how to do it.
My goal for this year to help as many people as possible to
reach their goal weight and reclaim their lives! Will you be one
of them? If you are suffering with a weight problem or any of the
related illnesses that go along with it, don’t wait another minute.
Let me help you. This seminar could liter-ally change your life the
way that it has been for so many people just like you.
Listen to what just a few of my patient’s have to say:
“I’ve lost 27 pounds in 4 weeks and have my blood pressure
and diabetes under control for the fi rst time in years.  I’m amazed
how fast the weight came off once I started Dr. Edling’s protocol.”
Brad S., St. Croix Falls
“10 pounds in first
week.  It’s not that hard.”
Niccki D., Dresser
“Dr. Edling has helped
me address the underlying
cause of why I’ve been gaining weight over the years
and has me on a specifi c
plan for me that has got
all my labs back to normal
and a 35 pound weight loss
in 3 months.  I now know
what foods to eat, and wh
en to eat them.  I know
which foods to never touch
again.  The food sensitivity
test was what I needed to see
in order for me to commit to
making the change.  I had no idea that these foods were harming
me and contributing to my weight gain and poor health”.
Mary, Osceola
“I had doubts if I could do this diet but it’s been very doable.  I
actually have to eat much more food than I’ve previously eaten,
and I will never skip breakfast again.  I’ve lost 55 pounds in 6
months and am at my goal weight and will never go back to that
way of living again.”
Tanya, Osceola
with Dr. Steve Edling, Chiropractor
Wednesday January 9th,  • 6:30 pm
at Edling Chiropractic in Osceola
Limited seating!  Call 715-294-3100

Well the badgers took it on the chin against the Stanford Cardinal.  We sure could have used Russell Wilson.  The Big 10 really struggled in Bowl games this year.  I think the only winner was Northwestern who got the monkey off their back winning their first bowl since 1949.  I was really proud of my alma mater who put up a great fight against Texas Tech.  They should have won that game!  It should be a fun year next year at TCF bank stadium.

I’ve been putting the smack down on my cross country skiing getting ready for this years Birkie.  I love how I feel after a good ski.  Even if it’s cold out you can get a great ski in.  Just bundle up a bit and get out there.  It’s beautiful.  DD Kennedy at Balsam Branch is in good shape and so is William O’Brien.  Troll hollow always is in perfect shape.  Hope to see you at the class and out on the trail in 2013!!!

17 inches of snow and out of the comfort zone we go.

It finally hit us, the 3rd largest snow fall ever in the month of December.  It was really fun watching the snow just keep coming and coming.  I felt like a kid again until I had to adventure out and get the snow blowing done.  That didn’t last long as I broke the belt  ont he blower.  My neighbor broke theirs also so thank God Gary Verhasselt bailed me out and plowed my driveway so I could get to the clinci this morning.  A big thanks Gary!!

The best thing about a big snowfall for me is that there will be plenty of cross country skiing.  I can now go to a variety of places to ski and and even get my classical ski’s out and get a 100 kilometers a week in as I prepare to do this years Birkie classical.  I saw on facebook last night someone was wondering if they should go outside and walk around Osceola, I said they should x-ski around Osceola.  Some  of the funnest skiing to be done is after heavy snowfalls just make your own tracks.  I can’t imagine not getting outdoor exercise in the winter.  I am not a big fan of cold weather but take advantage and do some form of outdoor activity just like you did as a kid.  The benefits out weigh any of the fears you may have.  I remember ice skating in downtown St. Croix Falls next to the dam site.  We’d spend hours down htere ice skating and playing hockey.  It was so much fun.  Go out and make an angel in the snow, it will rejuvenate you.

Most people put 7-10 pounds on over the holidays.  To much bad food and maybe a few to many drinks and it can add up quite easy.  Just be a bit more conscious and get off gluten and dairy and watch the pounds come off as you get healthier.  Add some exercise and you will feel fantastic.  One of the reasons I’m so passionate about exercise is because I feel so much younger and better afterwards.  I feel 15 again and not 50 when I exercise.  You want to anti-age yourself, then get that body moving.

I’m cutting a whole bunch of DVD’s this week on some of the most chronic conditions that plaque our society and I can help these people out with.  Fibromyalgia, Peripheral Neuropathy, Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, Hasimotos auto-immune thyroid, weight loss, migraines, digestive disorders,  and a host of other problems I am helping people out with.  If you know someone who has these type of problems just ask me for a DVD and I’ll ge tyou one.  You don’t have to suffer any more.  There is hope.  The body can heal if you do the right things to it.

All the high school teams are busy with their winter sports.  I sure get a kick watching the kids develop and get better every year.  Sports are incredible for developing the  brain and body and  sports are great at teaching lessons of life.

Keep up the great job you are doing at becoming healthier each week.   It’s a process that takes time and you are never done working on becoming healthier.  Enjoy the process, it can be a whole lot of fun, especially if you get outside and enjoy winter activities.  I’d love to hear

Practicing our ball room dancing

what your favorite winter activity is.

52 weeks to go.

The funnest week of the year is over. It cumulated with the 40th running of the American Birkibeiner race this weekend in Hayward Wisconsin. I did not have my best finish this year but I’m proud of my effort and had a lot of fun out there. I’ve got 20 of them in and am now a new member of the Birchlegings club which is for those who have completed 20 or more Birkies. They had a nice brunch and awards ceremony on sunday and it was really cool to hear stories from famed olympian Vegar Ulvang from Norway who came over with his family and skied the race. John Kotar who has done all 40 Birkies talked about the proud tradition of the race and this club is truly dedicated to the spirit of cross country skiing and keeping this a international event, and an event where we all look forward to seeing each other every year.

This year we did something different after we finished. We went up and watched the skiers at OO which is the half way point. It was great to see the different levels of skiers and the participation and energy they gave was very up lifting. I was amazed how where I ski most skiers carry a water bottle and cruise through or don’t stop at the water food stations. Back at OO where we were many take 5 or 10 minutes at the halfway point and regroup and get their wits and have more than a snack and then off they go for the second half. We were encouraging them that it is all downhill from OO and the lake was fast this year.

Purple pip for 20 years of Birkies

I had met 2 gals who were skiing their first Birkie on friday at cyclovaXC ski and bike shop in St. Croix Falls and they were so excited abut their first Birkie. I ran into them at OO and they looked very fresh and still excited to ski the second half of the Birkie. Good for them. I also saw local pharmacist and good guy Tom Meister at OO. Tom classics the race and looked like he was having the time of his life out on the Birkie trail.

Once you start the race you the course humbles you quickly and you need to just mentally hang in there because physically it will take a toll on your body. I am proud of all the people who did the Birkie. A big way to go.

Me coming down the finish at 2012 Birkie

It was great seeing Emilie Landgraf out skiing the Birkie with her red Ski for Landgraf hat on. Her dad Dave tragically died in a bike accident this past summer. Dave was a founding member of the Birkie and I thought about him often during this years Birkie. I felt Dave was with us in spirit and I know he was with me when I started cramping on mosquito brook hill. I got through it and finished well.

My 20th Great Bear Chase is in 2 weeks in lovely Calumet Michigan. Cross country skiing has changed my life. It has helped me get healthier and fit as a fiddle. I’ve met many people who are friends to this day and some I see once a year while I’m skiing the Birkie. It’s all good. If you ever want to experience an incredible event go up and watch the Birkie or even better try it, it may change your life.

Glad to be done

Until next time, big storm a coming that must mean March Madness. Dr. E

The best week of the year is here.

Why would this be the best week of the year you may think? It’s the American Birkebeiner this saturday. The 40th one to be exact. People come from all over the world to tiny Hayward Wisconsin to ski in this world loppet event. For me this is my 20th Birkebeiner and I’m officially a member of the Birch leggings club which is for those who have done 20 Birkies. I’m very proud and excited about that. I get to wear a purple bib.

Birkie Finish line

This is the cumulation of 51 weeks of preparation. It’s a time to celebrate not only all the training but time to reunite with skiers you may not have seen for a year. Sometimes I ski in packs with the same skiers and it’s the only time I see them all year but when you ski the Birkie their is a common bond that you have and a respect for the race and all skiers. I don’t care if you are first or last it’s a tough race and anything can happen. For some the goal may to make a certain wave or beat their buddy or it could be just to ski 51 kilometers to downtown Hayward and cross the finish line.

The race is incredible. There is nothing like the start which is a frenzy of people especially if you are in wave one and everyone starts out like they are going to win the race. Then the power line hills are incredibly challenging to start the race. Then it’s all hills until the high point and then downhill for a bit of a rest and then 2 major climbs before the halfway point at OO. It is important to not blow up on those hills or else you won’t have anything for the second half. Once you get to OO(the halfway point of the race) and if you feel half way decent you will have enough for the second half of the race.

There is nothing like crossing lake Hayward and getting to downtown Hayward where 10,000 people cheer every skier on. The winners come in right around 2 hours and they keep coming until 6 pm. I’m usually about 30 minutes behind the leaders and always have a lot fo fun out on this beautiful challenging trail. It’s been an incredible journey for me and hopefully I can get 20 more before my time on this planet is done. I’m dedicating this years race to longtime friend and fellow skier Dave Landgraf who was tragically killed this summer in a bike accident. Dave was a founding member of the Birkie and this would have been his 40th year. We will all miss him very much. I know he will be with us in spirit.

We have 15 patients doing this years Birkie. Congrats to all of you who are doing it. I never feel more alive than when I do the Birkie. It’s funny how 20 some years ago I would take my ski’s off and walk up the hills and be out there all day. it is incredible to see how your body can respond to a good stress you put upon it. Start moving your body and if you are ever up to it, run up to Cyclova xc ski and bike shop and get a bike or some x-ski’s and start using them. Your body and mind will thank you and you will feel so much better and have energy like you have never had before. You can do it!! Until next time, ski fast, not hard, and I’ll see you at the finish line. Dr. E p.s. Congrats to Johnny Olson and Mitch Dulon for qualifying for the state wrestling tourney. Way to go guys!!

Focus and intensity

Self motivation and intensity with anything that you are passionate about in life will get you results. If you put that intensity and focus and seriousness into your health nothing can hold you back. Taking care of your health is very serious because if you don’t have it it can be hell to get it back and cost a lot of money, time, and energy, and be very stressful for you and your family. Start right now today with being committed to making your adjustments not missing one, keeping focused on what your goals are.

I’ve been writing a lot about weight loss and being healthier is the key to weight loss. Being on a anti-inflammatory gluten free diet takes focus and intensity but it works and helps people be healthier than they ever have been. It’s been awesome these last few years of doing neuro-metabolic work to see peoples lives change by following my recommendations. They will tell you it was tough but not as bad as they thought it was going to be. They are doing the lifestyle changes for a life and not for the quick fix. Their brains work better, their body’s work better, and they have more energy and less pain than they have ever have. If you want to learn more about my neuro-metabolic care email me and I’ll send you our metabolic assessment form and neurotransmitter assessment form for you to fill out. Fill them out and email them back to me and I’ll do a complimentary neuro-metabolic assessment with your forms. It may change you or a loved one’s life.

Fellow Chiro and Dresser native Dave Leske

Less than 2 weeks until the Birkie, and I’m stoked about having a great race and a fun time for my 20th birkie this year. Boy it was cold saturday out on lake Hayward. Minus 20 with windchills at the start. Great to see people out on the trail giving it their all. Fun times after at the sawmill in Seeley, everyone is gearing up for this years Birkie. They have great snow in Hayward. No worries about lack of snow.

Laser focus this week and every week and you will be healthier, happier, and function at a much high level. You can do it !!

Lots of good high school sports with tournaments coming up. Be sure to get to an event and cheer these kids on.

Until next time, I appreciate all of you and want you to succeed with all your dreams. Dr. E p.s. Happy Valentines day!!!

Staying Focused For Better Outcomes

As you may know there are only a few weeks until the American Birkiebeiner, North America’s largest Cross country ski race located in Hayward Wisconsin. This is my 20th year of doing the Birkie and I’ve really been focused on doing the preparation for this years event. It’s a lot of work and sometimes I ask myself why I do it but the rewards of a years training isn’t so much in the race as it is in the discipline of all the training. The racing is always the icing on the cake. I try not to focus just on race results but the training and having fun and being healthier.

In any aspect of our lives if it’s something we really want we will do what ever it takes to get it. For example, if we want a new car or a vacation a priority we will do what it takes and be lasrer focused on doing the steps to make it work. I wish we could all say that for our due diligance with our health. What is your top one or two priorities that you want to focus on?

Staying focused can be challenging because life seems to get in the ways. I know I can get a little negative from time to time but I quickly can snap out of it. An example was this weekend doing badger state games, I went out way to hard and felt terrible and had to slow down and recover, I caught on to the next group of guys and hung with them until I recovered and then went on to feel better and was able to put the hammer down. I know that this can happen and I just had to hang in there and stay focused.

Turning a negative in to a positive can happen with the snap of your fingers in your mind. This weekend I started sprinting with 200 meters to the finish line. I felt great at the finish and was going to celebrate when my buddy Al said “Eddy you’ve got another 7km to go”. I quick shifted my thought of being done to hammering to catch the skier I had been skiing with. This skier was now a good 100meters ahead of me but I quickly caught up and hammered the last 7 km to a great finish after what started out not so hot. I wasn’t the only person that made that mistake. Many skiers stopped at what we thought the finish was. I’ve never done that in a race before.

Our mind plays a huge role in our success and our failures. Take a moment today and switch your train of thought if it’s negative and see what happens.

Kyle Stanley was down 8 strokes going in to the last round of yesterdays PGA tournament and hung in there after a collapse last week and won this week by one. Eli Manning had to drive his team 80 yards in the last 4 minutes to win the Super Bowl. I’m sure he did not have one negative thought on that last drive. Congrats to the Giants, the Packers are going to have to step it up on defense next year if they are going to beat the Giants.

Check out the picture below 39 years ago I was part of the halftime for the Super Bowl. I guess that’s the only common link between Madonna and myself. The Super Bowl back then was the Vikes-Dolphins in 1973 and wasn’t anything near what it is now. Until next time, keep it positive! p.s. Congrats to the new Wild River Fitness. Great new facility to workout at.

Super Bowl Halftime 1973

Hitting your sweet spot in life.

Hitting the sweet spot in life doesn’t seem to happen as much as we all want it to in life. I always tell patients that health and life are a lot alike, you are never always at the top and never always at the bottom, but somewhere in between. If you are having challenges and feel like you are at the bottom it will pass so hang in there and keep moving forward.

Many people come to see me for bad low back pain. They think there life is going to come to an end because they can’t do anything and the pain is terrible. Or they have a metabolic disease like hypothyroidism or diabetes and their health is poor and feel terrible even with the meds. I get their back functioning like it should, add some core, clean up their diet and health returns. For the metabolic conditions I get different blood testing done, see if it is an immune problem and then get their body to work right by getting it the foods it needs, cut their stress down and start moving their body and guess what, health returns. I really don’t treat but support the body in what it needs to start healing and functioning. To get near your sweet spot in life it takes work. Being healthy and happy in any aspect of your life takes commitment and dedication with habits that work for your physiology and not against it. The problem is we as americans have a lifestyle that is geared towards sickness and disease not health and prosperity. We all have to do our best to get educated and then take action with your health so we can each be role models for our kids and grand kids.

I love hitting the sweet spot with my driver, or baseball bat or when the drop of the football onto the foot made a 65 yard punt effortless. We have all been there in some aspect of our life and when we hit it nothing feels better. Remember what it feels like and go out and do it! It will build your confidence and it’s fun!

I had a really active 30 hours this past weekend. Dave Leske and I went up and did a cross country ski marathon in Marquette Michigan. We left friday at 2:45 and got to Marquette at 1:30 am. Road conditions were terrible and my rear drive car was not the best choice for a 300 mile drive. The good news we stopped at the White Stag dinner club 10 miles north of Rhinelander and I had the best ribeye I have ever had. Those old supper clubs you don’t find around here any more and talke about the sweetspot of life, that place was incredible.

The race was really fun and my energy was good. It had been since last early March since I’ve done a ski marathon and the body and mi

Hitting the sweetspot

nd held up great. The first half had brutal headwalls but beautiful overlooks of the Marquette area and Lake Superior. The second half was all downhill and it was fun and fast. That was a sweet spot day for me. Been a while since I felt good on the ski’s so all the training and taking care of myself is paying off.

Going to hit the Badger state games this weekend. Been close to 20 years since I’ve been over their. Should be fast and furious conditions. Until next time, keep moving forward and when you do hit the sweet spot in your day take a moment to be grateful and then keep moving forward! Dr. E

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